Jessica, 20, South of England, I guess I'm what you call a fandom blog and I mainly post: teen wolf & stydia, dylan o'brien, doctor who, sherlock, roosterteeth & achievement hunter, gavin free, my mad fat diary, once upon a time, game of thrones & loads of crap. Occasionaly NSFW. I usually follow back :)

I have a NSFW/porn side blog:


Shoutout to all the artists on Tumblr who work on something for weeks and only get 4 notes

Shoutout to all the artists on Youtube who do amazing speedpaints and, if they’re lucky, will get 500 views

Shoutout to all underappreciated artists who do amazing work and receive no recognition

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The deadpool 

left Kira off this one by accident (x)

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When your pet adjusts their position so they can lay their head on you


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911:what's your emergency?
me:derek hale smiled and parrish is a supernatural creature

in which coach Finstock thinks he’s the president 

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I just want the next code to be Stiles and for Stiles to realise that Lydia feels like she’s lost him too  

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Character Logo Design: Allison Argent, Scott McCall, and Isaac Lahey

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